Sobre o filme

Cadavre Exquis is a movie that interacts with the viewer through body movements (Interactive Installation Version), inspired by the surrealist play of the same name. Three characters are in the same room, immobile, crystallized in time.

What are you doing there? How did they stop there?

To discover, the viewer has the possibility of approaching or departing from each character, and can select them.

This choice results in an analepse (flashback) until crystallization.

When you choose the last character, the viewer will unfreeze the opening scene, setting it in motion.

3 screenwriters were invited. Each one was left with a character, enjoying total creative freedom in the construction of the Analepses.

In the online version, the viewer is invited to take part in the narrative using the keys "left side arrow" and "right side arrow" to move the camera and the mouse click to elect character or to go back.

It works best in Google Chrome.

To improve the network signal, connect preferably by cable. Have a good experience!


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