The Forking

About The Paths

The CIAC project “The Forking Paths” is intended to foster the creation and hosting interactive movies of different genres, origins and types.

“The Forking Paths” is concerned especially with the development of the relationship between the spectator and the narrative, which is to be increasingly active and participatory.

Therefore, we have the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of the audiovisual language.





editor December 10, 2018
ARTeFACTo 2018 Palácio Ceia hosts inaugural edition of the ARTeFACTo 2018 Conference In the next days, 16th and 17th November, several CIAC researchers participate in the 1st International Conference…
editor December 10, 2018
CONFERENCE School of Education and Communication, supported by CIAC, organizes the Conference Ethic in Organizations, with the Professor Fernando Correia (Journalist, Founder and Researcher of CIMJ)…
editor December 10, 2018
Colloquium Narrative, Media and Cognition Inaugural Conference of the Narrative, Media and Cognition Colloquium, by Professor Arnaldo Saraiva, will be transmitted via streaming through the CIAC Faceb…
editor December 10, 2018
Communication Sciences Between the 26th November and the 9th December , the CP displays, on the internal television of the Alfa Pendular trains, the short film “Fomos Gente” (2017), held…
editor November 26, 2018
ARTeFACTo 2018 The program of the ARTeFACTo 2018 Conference is now available The program of the inaugural edition of the ARTeFACTo 2018 Conference, to be held on 16th and 17th November at Palácio Cei…
editor November 26, 2018
Colloquium Narrative, Media and Cognition University of Algarve hosts the fifth edition of the Colloquium Narrative, Media and Cognition On 09th and 10th November, the University of Algarve proposes…
editor November 26, 2018
In the Media The project “Cadavre Exquis” by Bruno Mendes da Silva is highlighted in this week edition of the Algarve Informativo magazine. CIAC’s Vicecoordinator, Bruno Mendes da S…
editor October 11, 2018
ERASMUS+ 4CDE PROJECT Erasmus + 4CDE project brings together partners in Paris The fourth Meeting of the Erasmus + 4CDE (Code Content Creation and Culture for Digital Education) project is currently…
editor October 4, 2018
CADAVRE EXQUIS The project Cadavre Exquis is featured in the Macao’s daily Ponto Final The Macao’s daily Ponto Final went to the Mandarin House in Macao to watch the first day of filming…
editor September 27, 2018
CADAVRE EXQUIS   Project Cadavre Exquis featured on Macau Broadcasting Television Bruno Mendes da Silva went live on TDM’s (Macau Broadcasting Television) Jornal da Noite, along with the p…