The Forking

About The Paths

The CIAC project “The Forking Paths” is intended to foster the creation and hosting interactive movies of different genres, origins and types.

“The Forking Paths” is concerned especially with the development of the relationship between the spectator and the narrative, which is to be increasingly active and participatory.

Therefore, we have the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of the audiovisual language.





editor June 14, 2018
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editor June 6, 2018
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editor May 28, 2018
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colaborador May 10, 2018
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colaborador May 7, 2018
EVENT Pedro Pais Correia, Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation and PhD in Media-Digital Art, will participate in the VIII edition of the Algarve Design Meeting with the collective The Inner Proje…
colaborador May 2, 2018
EVENT The 12th ‘Jornadas do CIAC’ Conference takes place in June   The CIAC – Research Center for Arts and Communication organizes next June 1, its 12th Jornadas, which will be held at the…
colaborador April 20, 2018
EVENT   The degree in  Communication Sciences of the Higher School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve promotes, next Friday, April 20, with the support of the Center for…
colaborador April 17, 2018
EVENT On April 27 there are encounters between sound and image in Porto CITEI-ISMAI, CIAC and Maus Hábitos – Cultural Intervention Space promotes the E-X-S-I 2018- Encounters between sound and…
colaborador April 17, 2018
CYCLE Spotlight by Tom McCarthy (2015) ends the Cycle of Debates Cinema and Journalism The School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve, in partnership with the Cineclube of Far…
colaborador April 12, 2018
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